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This page will answer the following questions:

What is this site about?

This site showcases my artwork of various subjects. It includes original artwork I create solely from my imagination and derivative artwork from existing characters and genres.

Why does this site exist?

This site exist because there is a need for a central location to showcase artwork that alone is not enough to warrant a separate dedicated website to display them. One of my goals is to create derivative artwork that doesn't exist, obscure in terms of fanart or targeted to enrich the fanbase with a different perspective. If the subject is obscure, old and not expressed in a certain way before, it qualifies as something I will create derivative artwork for.

Why create mature content?

Being an artist I feel that there shouldn't be any limit to art and anything in the world can and should be interpreted by everyone in their vision in any creative and artistic medium regardless of any controversy, taboo or limitations on various subjects. Note that creating mature content is not a primary goal. I do have artwork that is suitable for everyone.

The original subject of which the derivative artwork is based on is usually depicted in the complete opposite of what we consider mature. Since one of my goals is to create derivative artwork that is not normally seen in the fanbase, the subject is usually depicted in situations that might be considered controversial or mature.

Other answers: everyone's salacious and it's more fun to create mature content.

Why put a warning on mature content?

Respect for decency.

What about the recreations?

There are some artwork on this site that are recreations of the original subject. It may look similar and involves character[s] in similar poses and situations but it is still a derivative work. Nothing from the original source is used in it and it is all redrawn in my own style.

What copyright?

Characters depicted in my artwork belongs to their respective owners. Each artwork is a derivative work and nothing from any source material is taken and used in my artwork. Every derivative artwork is redrawn and should be regarded as fanart. No profit is made off of any derivative artwork nor this website.

If any owner[s] of any character[s] depicted in any of my artwork wishes to not have it displayed on this site will receive my full compliance in taking the artwork off this site. There is no need for legal action. I am a fan of your character[s] and I am merely expressing my admiration.

After reading the above, I would like to note that by not allowing artwork created by the fanbase or fanart to be displayed on any website will most likely alienate the fanbase. It is the fans and their expression in the creative and artistic medium that keeps your character[s] alive. You kill their fanart, you kill the fans, you kill the fanbase. Please think before making any harsh decisions.

Who am I?

I am an artist and I am a fan.

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© Copyright Characters in derivative works belong to their respective owners.