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Since my last entry, I posted Minerva Mink - Coppertone and the third page to Whatever Lucca Wants. I did not start on the foxgirl picture I mentioned but did start on a redo of girl4. I have stopped uploading my old pictures to tumblr for now but did upload all my pony pictures to There's also an archive of it on Google Plus as well as all the Chrono Trigger web comics. I plan on sketching more Minerva Mink or more furries whichever works out best.
I've been busy since the last picture I posted. I had to keep up with the webcomic and all the pony pictures. I have one picture I can add but doesn't really fit with the rest of the content. The next picture will most likely be a foxgirl picture. For anyone looking for my old stuff (the old crappy pictures), I'm in the process of uploading everything I have to offsite blogs in an attempt at digital preservation. The first location so far is at I will eventually do the same for the webcomic and the pony pictures.
I finally got around to finishing winged girl. This has been sitting around as a sketch for many months. Let's hope it ages well. There are no immediate plans on what the next picture should be. Any content for this site is either long term or totally spontaneous. Until next time, happy holidays, happy new year, etc. etc. hooray everybody.
Hello fellow followers and googlers with their pants down!

If you haven't noticed, there hasn't been any updates in a while. I have been busy with other projects such as keeping up with MegaElixir and creating content for PonyDerivative. I do have some work in progress content but I'm reluctant to upload them since I have plans to redesign Transinfinity and upgrade to a new basecode. Unfortunately the basecode will not be ready for quite some time. I could upgrade now but then I'll have to keep doing it as the basecode changes. As I write this, the recently upgraded MegaElixir and the newly created PonyDerivative is already outdated.

If you've managed to click this log entry and read this far, thanks for being patient and I'm glad I was able to give you a heads up on what's going on with the site. You may visit MegaElixir or PonyDerivative if you crave new content.
I have about 8 Minerva Mink pictures on the to-do list. I know you're getting tired of seeing her but I'm not going to do them all in a row. That would make me crazy.
I'm testing out a new way to color outlined stuff in manga studio especially with the webcomics. It's slightly faster and a bit messy but it looks passable when resized. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to find other ways to digitally draw without having to use my cintiq.

On the other side, I'm currently working on another Minerva picture and will test out the above method of coloring for the background. After this picture, I have no idea what to do next... oh that's right that damn monkey comic. Totally not worth my time but I must finish it.

As for future projects, perhaps a minecraft webcomic?

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